Abouts Us,

L.T.V Services, is a tourism company, which is the result of years of past experience in the field of tourism. Fast forward many years and we are still going strong. We’ve got more stuff scattered around Morocco than any other travel agency in order to fulfill your quest for stupendous holidays.

L.T.V Services is located in the beating heart of the province of immense Casablanca, metropolis city of the Kingdom of Morocco.

The company has an office, L.T.V Services plateau, located in one of the main boulevards of Casablanca which is Boulevard Anfa where well known hotels, shops, fashion stores and shopping centers are implanted.

Leader in tourism activity field and conscious of its responsibility, L.T.V Services’ main concern is to satisfy its customers and offer pleasant stays and unforgettable moments of glee.

Why We Are Different

At L.T.V Services, we understand that it is the little things that make the big difference. That’s why we employ professional and multilingual people that offer you guidance and advice until the last minute of your stay. L.T.V Services is your premier choice for travel. It is a leading club that allows you to profit from treasured holidays to multiple outstanding destinations either in or outside Morocco with unbeatable prices.

L.T.V Services is a full-service travel company dedicated to craft an ideal travel experience for its clients. With our knowledge and our experience, we have established partnerships with notorious personalities of tourism in order to ensure a wide range of offers towards multiple destinations.

Indeed other companies try hard to copy us, but there are some things they just can’t do.
• Our holidays are designed with you in mind
• We handpick our hotels with rafinity and absolute care to guarantee you bliss and delight
• You can shape your journey according to your budget
• You can get a personalised ticket wallet (travel first and pay us next)


We are confident that everybody likes to do things differently and that one size doesn’t fit all, this is why our company excels in shaping stays according to the customers’ tastes and needs.

L.T.V Services aspires to make you dream during extraordinary journeys to fantastic destinations at the most competitive prices in comfort and absolute tranquility.

Consolidated by a global network of important personalities working in the accommodation, catering, transport and leisure sector; hand in hand with our expertise and experience we have developed partnerships with internationally prominent tourism stakeholders to ensure a wide range of quality offers towards several extraordinary destinations in the world with unrivaled prices.


| 47, angle BD d’Anfa et Moulay Youssef, résidence Roia, N° 65 et 67 ,9eme étage - Casablanca |
| Tél : 212 (0) 5 22 475 588 | Fax : 212 (0) 5 22 471 536 | Email : ltvservices1@gmail.com |